BBS 3rd Year Business Environment and Strategy Model Question

Here is the Model Question for BBS 3rd Year Business Environment and Strategy   2079(2023). it provides a set of sample questions for students studying the subject of Business Environment and Strategy in the Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) program.

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Following is the detailed information:


Business Environment and Strategy

Year: III Year (Third Year)

Program: BBS 4 Years

Program Level: Bachelor



Time: 3hrs

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

 Group “A” Brief Answer Questions (10×2=20)

Attempt ALL questions.

1. What is environmental scanning?

2. List out any two components of a political environment.

3. Mention any two features of the company Act.

4. What is liberalization?

5. Define the term ‘family structure’.

6. List out any two objectives of WTO.

7. What is strategic vision?

8. Define the term threshold resource.

9. What is market development?

10. Mention the types of strategy evaluation.

Group “B” Descriptive Answer Questions (5×10=50)

Attempt any FIVE questions.

11. What is a business environment? Explain the techniques of environmental scanning. (3+7=10)

12. State and explain the objectives of tourism policy in Nepal. (10)

13. How do socio-cultural environment forces influence business? Explain. (10)

14. State and explain the role of chief executives in strategic management. (10)

15. What is the product development strategy? How does it differ from market development strategy? Explain. (10)

16. State and explain the management system for strategy implementation. (10)

Group “C” Analytical Answer Questions (2×15=30)

Attempt any TWO questions.

17. Critically examine the problems of Nepalese political environment to Nepalese business development. (15)

18. What is internal analysis? Discuss the different methods of internal analysis. (5+10=15)

19. Discuss the application of Porter’s competitive strategy as strategic alternative at business level. (15)

Then End

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